Lost Spring: Stories of Stolen Childhood for class 12 | AHSEC, RBSE, NCERT etc. notes

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Lost Spring: Stories of Stolen Childhood

All-important Lost spring long question answer for class 12 

01/ Why have the people of Firozabad lost their initiative and ability to dream?


What hinders the young men from organizing themselves into an “operative”?

Cut to the arm


Describe bangle makers of Firozabad, how does the vicious circle of Sahukars and the middlemen never allow them to come out of the web of provenly?


Describe the miserable plight of the people of Firozabad?


Describe the people of Firozabad?

ANSWER: Firozabad is famous for its bangles, every family is engaged to work in the bangle industry: they have to work in dingy sales in high temperature with -out air and light, so they lose their eyesight very soon, they also bland go with the dust from polishing the glass of bangles.

The vicious circle of sahukars and the middlemen never allow them to come out of the web of poverty. The young men have fallen into the vicious circle of middlemen who trapped their fathers and fore-fathers. If the Young men gate organized Co-operative, they will be hauled helf  by the people police benten and that beaten and dreatted jail for doing. Something. illegal there is no leader among them: No one can help them to see things differently.

The vicious circle has imposed the baggage on the children that they Cannot put down. Before they are aware, they accept it as naturally as their fathers, so the people fr Firozabad have lost their initiative and ability to dream.

2/ Survival in seemapuri means regpiking elucidate?


“Foot is more important for survival than an identity” – elucidate.


Describe “saheb’s life and the life of the barefoot army, ragpicker’s in seemapari?


Describe the people of Seemapuri?


Describe Seemapuri?


“Garbage to them is Gold” – explain.

ANSWER: Saheb and 10,000 ragpickers live at Seemapuri. Delhi in India. They have been Living there for more than 30 years without an identity and without permits they have ration cards that put their names on voter’s List and enable them to buy grains.

Food is more important for survival than an identity, these people don’t have any identity. But they are happy if at the end of the day, they can eat. Survival in Seemapuri means ragpicking. They do not have any work and they do not have any income source, except ragpicking. Children grow up among and become ragpickers. They roam on stress to get in the garbage dumps. These children are like an army group of barefoot ragpickers. They do not wear chappals. Poverty compels them to stay barefoot. They appear like morning birds and disappear at noon. They do not go to school. Garbage to them is gold, it is the elders’ daily bread and a roof over their heads four children. There is something wonderful hidden in the garbage.

3/ For Children garbage has a meaning different from what it means to their parents. How does the author illustrate it? 

“Garbage to them is gold” – why does the author say so about ragpickers?

ANSWER: The author says about the ragpickers that garbage to them is gold. Because children like Saheb Scrounge for gold, rupee or silver coins in the heap of garbage. They find some valuable things which they give to their parents. The parents maintain the. “family” with the picking things.

But for children there is something wonderful hidden in the garbage. The parents

buy their daily bread and a roof with this gold or rupee. They do not have other income

-Source except ragpicking.

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