My mother at sixty six questions and answers for class 12

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My mother at sixty six

My Mother at sixty-six questions and answers:

1.What is the king of pain and ache that the the poet feels?

ANSWER= The poet feared of losing her mother. The faded face of her mother pained her heart.

The poet, kamal Das saw painfully that her mother was dozing beside her with open mouth like 

a corpse. She  realised with pain of her mother’s impending death. She fell her old familiar 

and childhood fear of losing her mother.

2. Why the young trees described as ‘sprinting’?

ANSWER= In the poem ‘My Mother at sixty-six’ the poet kamala Das has described the young trees 

as sprinting. It means running fast. The poet was travelling by a fact running vehicle. so,it seemed to the poet as if the standing young trees were running fast.Because from the fast-running vehicle all the standing objects appear to be running fast. 

3.Why has the poet brought in the image of the merry children ‘spiling’ out of their hands’?

ANSWER= The merry children expressed the completely opposite condition of the poet’s old mother. The children were happy and delighted which expressed the old mother’s opposite condition. so, the poet has brought in the image of the merry children. 

4.Why was the poet been compared to the late winters moon?

ANSWER=The mother of the poem lost its shine and strenghth like late winter’s moon. The poet’s mother was winter season represent’s the last period of human life. Her face was colourless and pale like late winter’s moon. so, the mother has been compared to the winter’s moon. 

5. What do the parting words of the poet and her smile signify?

ANSWER= The parting words of the poet, Kamal Das were that she would meet her mother again soon. she only smiled to console her mother. But in inwardy she was pain to look at the 

colourless lifeless and pale face of her mother she realised that her mother’s end was near. Her consolation and smile were not real. 

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