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Are you looking for examples of negative sentences for AHSEC or other exams? If yes, this blog is only for you because here we provide 50+ examples of negative sentences. If you understand all affirmative to negative, then we think you get answers all affirmative to negative.

Affirmative to negative

Affirmative to negative example:

1) Ram alone can do this work. 

Ans:- None but Ram can do this work.

2) Rita alone can sing the song.

Ans:- None but Rita can sing the song

3) I alone went to Delhi.

Ans:- None but I went to Delhi.

4) Only she wrote the answer.

Ans:- None but she wrote the answer.

5) I shall remember you.

Ans:- I shall not forget you.

6) Hira alone solve the problem.

Ans:- None but Hira solve the problem.

7) Only Raju gave me a book.

Ans:- None but Raju gave me a book.

8) I shall always remember your kindness.

Ans:- I shall never forget your kindness.

9) My grandfather is too weak to walk.

Ans:- My grandfather is so weak that he cannot walk.

10) He is too poor to purchase a new shirt.

Ans:- He is so poor that he cannot purchase a new shirt.

11) My grandfather is too tried to go any further.

Ans:- My grandfather is so tried that he cannot go any further.

12) He was too weak to move.

Ans:- He was so weak that he cannot move.

13) He was too old to learn new ideas.

Ans:- He was so old that he cannot learn new ideas.

14) He must yield to necessity.

Ans:- He cannot but yield to necessity.

15) She must weep.

Ans:- She can’t but weep.

16) Everyman loves his country.

Ans:- There is no man who does not love his country. 

17) Only a rogue can act thus.

Ans:- None but a rogue can act thus.

18) As soon as the train stopped I got into it.

Ans:- No sooner had the train stopped than I go into it.

19) As soon as she saw me, she began to weep.

Ans:- No sooner had she seen me than she began to weep.

20. As soon as he saw me, he began to run.

Ans:- No sooner had he seen me than he began to run.

21. Man is Mortal. 

Ans:- Man is not immortal.

22. He is tall.

Ans:- He is not short.

23. His answere is Wrong. 

Ans:- His answer is not correct.

24. The task is easy.

Ans:- The task is not hard.

25 He is a good boy. 

Ans:- He is not a bad boy.

26. He is a great fool.

Ans:- He is not great that wise.

27. The brave alone deserves the fair.

Ans:- None but the brave deserves the fair.

28. Where there is smoke there is fire.

Ans:- there is no smoke without fire.

29. Every Smoke has a fire.

Ans:- there is no smoke without fire

30. Every rose has a thorn. 

Ans:- There is no rose without thom.

31. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Ans:- There is no cloud without a silver lining.

32) It always pours when it rains.

Ans:- There is no rain without pouring.

33) Only Ram was present in the meeting.

Ans:- None but Ram was present in the meeting.

34) Everything is transitory.

Ans:- Nothing is eternal.

35) I am very tired.

Ans:- I am not little tired.

36) The Everest is the highest peak in the world.

Ans:- No other peak in the world is as high as Everest.

37) This Remour is to absurd to be true.

Ans:- This Remour is so absurd that it cannot be true.

38) Only a fool can act thus.

Ans:- None but a fool can act thus.

39) He tried every plan.

Ans:- He left no plan untried.

40) I must go there.

Ans:- I cannot but go there.

41) God alone help me.

Ans:- None but God help me.

42) He is taller than I.

Ans:- I am not so tall as he.

43) Water is colourless.

Ans:- Water has no colour.

44) Everyone will agree that he is a good boy.

Ans:- No one will disagree that he is a good boy.

45) He was absent yesterday.

Ans:- He was not present yesterday.

46) Everybody can admit that he is clever.

Ans:- Nobody can deny that he is clever.

47) Everybody will admit that I am right.

Ans:- Nobody will denied that I am right.

48) He is competent for the post.

Ans:- He is not incompetent for the post. 

49) The dog is the most faithful animal.

Ans:- No other animal is as faithful as dog.

50) Only he was present in the school.

Ans:- None but he was present in the school.

51) Everyone must admit that he is guilty.

Ans:- No one can deny that he is guilty.

52) Gold is more valuable than silver.

Ans:- Silver is not so valuable as gold.

53) Only he can do it.

Ans:- None but he can do it.

54) The boy is too poor to buy his textbook.

Ans:- the boy is so poor that he cannot buy his textbook.

55) He was too tired to go any further.

Ans:- He was so tired that he cannot go any further.

56) God alone can save him.

Ans:- None but God can save him.

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In this blog we provide 50+ affirmative to negative examples. If you understand all the negative sentences, then we think you can solve all the turns into negatives in the exam. If you have any doubts or questions, then comment or contact us . We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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