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A thing of Beauty

A things of Beauty


1. List the things of beauty mentioned in the poem.


List the things which are source of joy and happiness.

Ans: In the poem ‘A things of beauty” the poet John keats has mentioned the name of some things & beauty, The sun, the moon, old and Young trees, beautiful daffodils, musk roses, Small streams are the things of beauty mentioned in the poem. These things of beauty are source of joy and happiness.

2. List the things that cause suffering and pain. 

Ans: Some things are mentioned in the poem “a thing of beauty” that cause suffering and pain. such as despandence in human. dearth of noble nature cause suffering and pain. Besides the gloomy days of people cause suffering and pain, All the unhealthy and over darkrned ways of living also causes suffering and pain.

3. What does the line therefore are we wreathing a flowery band to bind us to earth suggest to You?


What does the poet mean by the line “Therefore we are wreathing flowery band to bind us to earth?”


What does the above live suggest to you? 

Ans: The above line suggests that there is a flowery bond among us to the beauties of the earth. All the beautiful things are constant Source of joy for us though there are so many suffering and troubles owing to malice and disappointment. Let people can lead happy and peaceful lives.

4. What makes human beings love life in spite of troubles and Sufferings?

Ans: It is a thing of beauty that brings joy in human lives forever. The loveliness of beautiful things always increases, the charming of the beautiful things makes human being love life in spite of troubles and suffering.

5. Why is grandeur associated with the mighty dead?

Ans: The mighty deads are great and powerful people who died for their glorious and mighty deads. So, grandeur is associated with the mighty dead.

6. Do we experience things of beauty only for Short moments or do they make a lasting impression on us? 

Ans: The things of beauty nevere dieplease us. The things of beauty bring joy and happiness in human life fore, were. They makes a Lasting impression of joy joy on us.

7. what image does the poet use to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth? 

Ans: The beautiful bounty of the earth is like an ever flowing fountain of immortal pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink. It is like the beautiful daffodils, rills and musk rose etc.


i) A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Its loveliness increases, it will never

Pass into nothingness; but will keep

A bower quiet for us, and a sleep

Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.


1. How does a thing of bearch a joy forever?


Explain the line “A thing of beauty is a pay? 

Ans: Fascination of a thing of beauty never ends. When ever we visit a thing of beauty, we get peace and joy. It brings joy, peace and pleasure in our mind which are ever lasting

2. What is a bower?

Ans: A bower is a shady peaceful place.

3. what kind of sleep is provided by a thing of beauty?

Ans: A thing of beauty provided a sound and peaceful sleep full of sweet dreams.

4. Name the poem from where this excerpt a thing of beauty is taken?

Ans: A thing of beauty is taken from the poem, “Emdymion: A poetic rommance”. 

5. What does the expression a thing of beauty mean?

Ans: The expression a thing of beauty means a beautiful thing which is a constant source of joy.

6. Who is the poet of “A thing of beauty”? Ans: John Keats is the poet of “A thing of Beauty”.

7. What is seen as “A joy forever “?

Ans: A thing of Beauty is seen as “A joy forever”

8. What never passes into nothingness? 

Ans: A thing of Beauty never passes into nothingness.

9. What do the How following expressions


•Bower: A shady place under a true

•Wreathing: Weaving, twisting

•In humans: Guel

•Dearth: Scarcity 

•Pall: Cover, Screen

•Boon: Gift, blessing

•Clean Hills: Clear Stream

•Loss of hope – Despondence


ii) Therefore, on every morrow, are we wreathing

A flowery band to bind us to the earth,

Spite of despondence, of the inhuman dearth Of noble natures, of the gloomy days,

Of all the unhealthy and o’er-darkened ways

Made for our searching: yes, in spite of all,

Some shape of beauty moves away the pall

From our dark spirits.


1. What are we doing everyday?


What do we do everyday?

Ans: We are wreathing a flowery band to

bind us to the earth.

2. What removes the pall from our dark Spirits? 

Ans: A thing of beauty recmoves the pull from our dark spirits.

3. What is the message delienated by the above lines?

Ans: Though there are Sad, disappointment all around, there are same beautiful things that remove the cover of sad feelings.

4. Describe the bad and evil things that we possess in us? 

Ans: There are disappointment, lack of noble qualities and evil ways of living that we possess in us.

5. Name the poem and the poet of the above lines? 

Ans: The name of the poem is “A thing of Beauty’ Written by John Keats.

6 What succours over gloomy life?

Ans: A thing of Beauty Succours over gloomy Life

7. Find words in the extract which mean-

•Gloomy: Sad 

•Form: Shape 

•Covering: Pall


iii) Trees old, and young, sprouting a shady boon

For simple sheep; and such are daffodils With the green world they live in; and clear rills That for themselves a cooling covert make ‘Gainst the hot season; the mid forest brake,

Rich with a sprinkling of fair musk-rose blooms;

And such too is the grandeur of the dooms We have imagined for the mighty dead; All lovely tales that we have heard or read; An endless fountain of immortal drink, Pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink.


1. What sprouts a shady boon for sheep and how? 

Ans- The old and young trees sprout a shady boon for sheep. The trees become a shelter for sheep.

2. What are the “mighty” dead? 

Ans: The great and powerful men who are the mighty dead.

3. What according to the poet, is the effect of immortal drink on us?

Aus! The immortal drink that which is naturis endless fountain pours in to our hearts is a source of immense joy for us.

4. find words in the passage which mean! – word meaning-

•blessing: boon 

•That never dies: immortal

5. What is the green world? 

Ans: Daffodil flowers are blooming among the green Surrounding is called green world.

6. What are the clear rills?

Ans: Small streams with transparent water are the clear rills.

7. What makes the mid forest brake rich?

Ans: The blooming of the beautiful musk roses makes the mid forest broke rich.

8. Why is greandeur associated with the mighty dead?

Ams: The ‘mighty’ dead are great and powerful people who died for their gtorious and mighty dead. So, greandearis associated with the mighty dead.

9) Word – Meaning

•small stream: rills

•stories: tales

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