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Going places

Going Places

1.Who is the writer of “going places”?

Ans: A.R. Barton is the written of the ‘going places’?

2.Who are the two friends in the story “going places”?

Ans: The two friends are Sophie and Saney in the story going places.

3.What does Sephie want to have when she grows up?

Ans: Sophie wanted to have a boutique when she grows up.

4.What was it most likely that the two girls would find work after school?

Ans: It was most likely that the girls would find work in a biscuit factory after school.

5. Who is dark?

Ans: Derk is a younger brother of Sophie.

6.Who is Geoff?

Ans: Geoff is elder brother of Sophie. He is an apprentice mechanic. He speaks very little.

7.Who is Danny Casey?

Ans: Danny case is considering a great football player of Ireland. He is a in the eyes of Sophie.

8.Which country does Danny Casey play for?

Ans: Danny Casey plays for Ireland. He is a member of united Frist’s team of footballenes.

9.Does Sophie really meet Danny Casey?

Ans: No, Sophie does not meet Danny case.

10.Which is the only occasion that Sophie gets to see Casey in person?

Ans: The only occasion is that Sophie Casey Danny in the football playground.

11.For whom does Sophie ask Danny Casey an autograph?

Ans: Sophie asked Danny Casey for an autograph for little brother Derk. But they’re of then had any paper or pen.

12.What theme does the story going places explores?

Ans:In the story “Going places” A. R. Barton explores the theme of adolesant Fantasying and here worship. Sophie a girl always imagines of meeting with an Irish footballer. Danny (Casay). 

But she never met him.

13.What ate the other options that Sophie Dream of Besides owning a boutique?

Ans: Beside owing a bounty, Sophie entertained the Idia of becoming an actress and a fashion 


14.What job is Geoff engaged in? Does he entertain Woll and impractical dreams like his sister?


What kind of person is Geoff?

Ans: Geoff was engaged in an apprentice mechanic. He went to his work every work every day to the far side of city. Geoff was a practice boy. He did not entertain will and impractical dreams like his sister Sophie.

15.Why is Sophie jealous of Geoff’s silence?

Ans: Sophie was jealous of Geoff’s silence. Because he did not share Sophie’s will dreams. He was not convinced that Sophie met Dammy Casey. But he was a patient listener to her story, He also cautioned her that Casey was a celebrity.

16.How does Danny Casey look like?

Ans: Sophie told Geoff that easy had green and gentle eyes, He also was not so, tall.

17.What kind of girl was Gansie?

Ans: Gansie was Sophie’s friend and classmates. she was a poor girl. She was realistic and practical girl. She knew that she and Sophie were earmarked for biscuit factory after the school. 

18.Why does Sophie’s father not believe her?


Does Sephie. father believe her story?

Ans: No, Sophie’s father did not believe that Sophie had met Danny Casey, the great footballer of Ireland. Her father ridiculed her. He called it a wild story. Because he knew that Sophie was a Lier and maker. 

19.Why does not Sophie want Gansie to know about her supposed meeting Casey?

Ans: Sophie does not want Gansie to know about her supposed meeting with Casey. Because Sophie thinks that it is not a Gansie kind of thing at all she knows that Gensie will tell this secret thing among her Neighbour. But Gansie has known it from Geoff.

20.Why did Sophie Geoff?

Ans: Sophie told Geoff about her supposed meeting with Danny Casey. She told Geoff not to tell this secret thing to Gensie. But Cramsie knew it from ‘Geoff that Sophie had met with Danny Casey. Then Sophie was startled. So, Sophie cursed Geoff for telling such a secret thing to Grassie.

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